Why, Oh Why?

Why am I doing this? Why am I starting a “blog?”

First off, who even knows if this will even turn into something? Hence, why blog is in “”. I mean there are a billion blogs running around the internet, how can I undoubtedly expect mine to be that special/unique or find that one person that will give it a cult following that would make it beyond popular? I can’t. And I don’t.

Secondly, why not? I’m literally about to be on maternity leave (if this child of mine ever decides to come out!) for roughly nine weeks and why not find a creative outlet? Especially one that doesn’t involve me spending money by decorating and organizing our rental? I’m sure bae will appreciate how considerate I’m being by not spending money unnecessarily 🙂

Lastly, considering how little I documented my actual pregnancy, it would be nice to just capture my life, my feelings, my thoughts and rants during it’s closing days and beyond. I, at least, owe myself that much. To bask in the final days of being pregnant and enjoying being a family of three (dad, puppy, and me). Besides, how lucky am to be able to have the audience of a newborn and a dog to bounce ideas off and just… listen? Pretty lucky, I think.

So why? I suppose the answer is: why not? This is about me and for me. A little space in the world to carve out and have it be my own. That’s special and more than enough of a reason for me.

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