Getting Back In Shape

Oh no, oh yes. It’s that time of year again. The ladies from Tone It Up have released their 2017 bikini series. How crazy?!

I believe I purchased the nutrition plan roughly two years ago but I have never fully committed to and, in turn, completed a challenge. My goal is to do so this year. My health, physical and mental, have never been more important to me. I have to take care of myself to take care of my child and our little family.

In spirit of the #toneitup #bikiniseries starting, here’s my contribution:

Here are three things about myself:

1) I’m a mom. I just. had my first (and only) child in March. Her name is Cali and she is my little love. I’m also a #petparent to my little love Winnie. She’s four years old (five in October) and I’ve had her for nearly her whole life.

2) I LOVE tacos!!! 🌮🌯 They are my favorite food group. Yes, I said food group. It’s that serious.

3) I’m a naturally nervous/anxious person. I have the biggest anxiety about this challenge. I’m full of ‘what ifs’ and I feel like although I want to have follow through and be optimistic, I’m also setting myself up for failure and disappointment. I need to change my mindset and take it one day and one workout at a time.

What is my why?

I just spent the past five weeks “recovering” from childbirth. Before that, I spent nearly 40 weeks pregnant (I was just a few days shy of my due date). Prior to pregnancy, I hadn’t been in the best of shape in a while. I had slowly been losing since the highest I had ever been (nearly 200) but I was NO WHERE near where I needed to be. So why?

I really want to take the time this year to become a better version of myself. Career, finance, education, mental, physical, and emotional health…those are my categories for improvement. If I do better, my child does better. That’s my why. If taking control of my health and embarking on this fitness challenge can improve my mental, emotional and physical health and that which  makes me a better, more stable, and available mother…than I’m all in.

So wish me luck. Hopefully, I can do this. I will do this. I need to care about myself so I can take care of my responsibilities.


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