Making it Great!

Another year gone by and another year older. My 28th birthday has come and gone and this year’s birthday was met with less enthusiasm but slightly more optimism than in year’s past.

I can’t say 27 was my best year but it definitely had a lot of major moments. Becoming a mom was one of those major moments…okay it was THE major moment.

Overall though, 27 was a stressful, self-doubt filled, goal setback year and, frankly, I don’t want (or need) anymore year’s like that again in my life. Well, at least not for the next five to ten years. I’d like to make some huge steps in reshaping and resetting a strong foundation for myself and, in turn, my daughter. I mean, it’s all fun and games ‘struggling at adulting’ and making all sorts of ‘interesting (i.e. – questionable)’ decisions until your taking care of more than yourself and your innocent puppy that’s along for the ride.

 That’s why in light of turning 28, I’ve come up with this mantra for the year: I’m 28 and I’m making it great! It’s super corny, I know but, I mean, whatever works. Right?

 I will admit, I do feel a little weird being 28. I thought by the time I got here, my life would be so much different than were it currently is. However, as I spent the days leading up to my big day and the days following it, I become more and more convinced that I could make my life what I wanted outed of it. It surely wouldn’t be easy. Everyone has at least one odd that stands in their way, others have multiple. But if I could knock down a few of my odds this year, it would be more than worth it to make progress and move forward.

 So aside from making a mantra, I decided to make some goals.


(I did alter my sections a little bit. I had to had sections for Cali and Winnie. They are very important aspects of my life and they need time and attention too).

After doing that, I made a plan and put it to paper and put it in my planner.

When it came to making my plan, I didn’t want it to be too strict but I didn’t want it to be too loose either. I had to be realistic since I know who I am as a person. My deadlines range from six months to five years. For me, that’s fine. I can make a will in the next 6 months and I can get rid of all my financial debt, minus student loans, in the next five years. Since they were my goals and my plans, I had to make them work for me.

Goals should be:


Like I said above, I’m feeling more optimistic to my 28th year. I really think that I can make this another year of moments. Major moments. None of them as stressful or overwhelming or negative as the years that have past.

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I'm a 28 year old new mom, pet parent, and millennial. Living my life being a personal assistant to my daughter and dog and enjoying every moment of it.

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