Six Months Down, Six Months to Go…

A little over six months ago, something amazing happened to me…I became a mom.

None of the classes I attended, the books, magazine, and blogs that I read, the people I talked to, and, not even MY OWN mother could prepare me for that life-changing day this past March. My little girl, Cali, was born and I’ve been on a roller coaster ever since.

There is nothing easy about motherhood. It is an emotional, physically, mentally challenging-task; but, as the months have gone by. It has gotten more and more rewarding.

I call Cali my “wild child” but she’s anything but that. She’s the calmest and warmest baby I have ever met in my life…and I’m not saying that just because she’s mine. I won’t lie, she has her moments as all babies do but I really have gotten lucky with this being my first (only?) child.

 I remember crying hysterically when she turned one month. I looked at her dad and was like, “In 11 months she’s going to be one and she’s going to be a big girl and she’s going to be walking and she’s not going to need me anymore.” He looked at me the same way he always does when he thinks I’m being overly dramatic and, basically, shook his head and continued to take in the scene of me being an emotional wreck. Then she turned two months, then three, and so on and so forth.

 Thus far, I’m glad to have proven myself wrong. She may be developing and being able to do more things on her own but she needs me more than she ever has. I love every moment of it. Except at bedtime. I don’t love it at bedtime. Aside from that, each month has gotten better and better.

 Here’s to the next six months…and beyond!


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