Happy Birthday Winnie

How is it that in one weekend I get to celebrate BOTH my babies?!

On Saturday, Cali turned seven months (time is flying) and on Sunday, little Miss Winnie turned 5 years old!

You would think that there would be such a huge change in appearance since the time I got her but she’s basically turned from black/brown to silverfish/white. Oh! And she gained 1.5 pounds. Other than that, not much has changed…or am I blind?


Did we do something extra exciting for her birthday? No, NOT AT ALL. Winnie is not the let’s do anything super exciting type. The majority of her excitement nowadays comes from her a) trying to get away from Cali, b) keeping Cali away from her food, snacks, and water bowl, and c) trying to battle Cali for attention from me. We really do have a riveting life. Just kidding. We’re as average as average can be. And we’re fine with that.

Aside from a one-on-one walk and a car ride, Winnie just wanted to spend time snuggled up and I happily obliged.

Happy Birthday Win Pin! Maybe we can go to the dog park next year?

Does anyone else do anything for their pet’s birthdays? Or are they like my dog, who can happily go without all the pomp and circumstance? Let me know in the comments below.


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