Happy Halloween

So Halloween is around the corner and I am SUPER EXCITED?! Why you may ask? I’ll state the obvious: IT’S CALI’S FIRST HALLOWEEN!!

What is she? She’s a little astronaut! Isn’t that cute? My mom thought that she should be something empowering. Something that shows her the sky is the limit. I wanted her to be a baby skunk because she’s my little stinky butt and if she was crawling by the time Halloween came, her little butt would swish back and forth. Adorbs, right?! I lost. Grandma won. End of story.

We have no solid plans as of yet because there’s really no sense in going trick or treating. She’s only 7 months and it’s not like she can eat candy. As if I would let her but maybe when she’s like 4 or 5).

 I do hope to find some family-friendly holiday activities around the way to take her to and I may take her to the Air and Space Museum  so she can blast off into outer space until it’s time for her to take nap.

I am so excited for Halloween. I remember growing up and causing a fuss, wanting to pick the coolest costume and getting ready to eat all the candy that I was going to work so hard for. Costume picking got a little more coordinated and more important in college but that’s another story…

 Speaking of stories, does anyone know why Halloween exist? I remember growing up in church and being told that we shouldn’t “celebrate” Halloween because it celebrated the devil and evil spirits. What I needed those grown people to understand was that I wanted to dress up and get candy, don’t ruin it. So out I went and candy I collected.

 However, for those who are interested in the history of Halloween (like my Person), check out these articles here: Halloween History and Halloween Infograph.

 Does anyone have any Halloween traditions? What are your kids going as this year? What are YOU going as this year? Let me know. I’ll probably steal your ideas for future ghoulish events.

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