Weekend Rewind: Halloween 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I can honestly say that we had an AMAZING one!

First of all, Cali’s Dad came to visit…and that always rocks Cali’s socks. She loves seeing her daddy.

I decided that since it was getting cold and Cali is still a little too young to be out and about for trick or treating, that we should make the best of her costume and take her to the Air and Space Museum. So we got dressed, put her in her costume, hopped onto the metro and off to DC we went.

Sleepy Astronaut
Foxy is helping her cope with space training

Cali enjoyed being on the metro. However, the rocking made her sleepy, so eventually she dozed off to lala land. Probably about to dream about her up and coming space training.

Once we arrived, we went straight to the space side of the museum. We went into the ‘Moving Beyond Earth’ and ‘Explore the Universe’ exhibits. We had very limited time in the museum because we had to hurry back to go to a housewarming to go later on.

She learned about spectrums and stars and telescopes and what it takes to be an astronaut. I think this helped give her insight to a potential future career. She already looks the part…

Halloween Weekend
We found her helmet for space

After leaving the museum, grabbing some food, and changing, we headed to a housewarming party at a Toll Brothers community near Sterling, VA. It was GORGEOUS. I already love Toll Brothers and every time I visit a new community, I fall in love even more. #lifegoals is to own a Toll Brothers home. Big dreams.

It was pretty late by the time we got back in but since her dad was here and we’re still in the midst of unpacking and baby proofing, we put his handyman skills to work.

Dad building a cabinet to keep Cali away from things

He put together a cabinet that we put all the cleaning supplies in. That way they’re all in one place and locked up.

Sunday came and went and so did her Dad but all in all we had a great weekend spending time together as a family. It’s exactly what Cali needed and it was a great early Halloween.

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