Trick or Treat

A few weeks ago, Cali’s daycare sent out a notification telling all parents that the center would be having a harvest festival. I’m like what’s a harvest festival? Is she gonna grow a pumpkin or some corn and bring it home? I really had no idea. I had never heard of one before.

Any parent that has a child enrolled in a Bright Horizons center knows that each week has a “weekly theme” and the theme during the week of Halloween was “Harvest Festival.” Basically, a week of all things fall.

However, I could care less about all the activities they had planned. Only one thing gave me life…and that was the Halloween Parade!

I couldn’t go because I had to work but when I dropped Cali off the morning of the 31st, I could see some of the toddlers in their costumes ( I saw you mini Wonder Woman 😉).

I couldn’t go and was really disappointed. However, Nana could go and apparently beamed with pride the entire parade! (We will always find a way to represent for Cali cat).

The infants lead the parade and looked ADORABLE! And the best part was? The candy that was brought home. Hello, tootsie rolls. Yummy!

* Disclaimer: some of these were taking by Nana…hence why Cali’s forehead is missing smh. Moms.

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