With Respect To Our Veterans

As someone who grew up in a Military household, our servicemen and women are individuals that are respected and admired on a daily basis. I, firsthand, understand the sacrifices these men and women make for their country and the sacrifice their families give that enable them to protect our citizens.

Although Veterans Day is a ‘recent’ holiday, its impact is far-reaching and all encompassing. Although, I believe, our vets should be honored every day, without a second thought; it is nice to know that there is one National Holiday that reminds people to remember those who have sacrificed on behalf of themselves and their families to keep our country strong and to keep it safe.

Since I’m all about giving back and helping others, if anyone knows of any Veterans that need any assistance or help, contact the following and/or get more information:

 Also, if you come across a Veteran, especially an older one, please just take a second out of your day and say, “Thank you.” It’s something so small, that means so much.

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