So Many Chores, So Little Time

I feel like I should be ashamed to admit this but we’re all human, so I’m not. Not even a teensy bit ashamed. Being a parent is hard but being a mom is REALLY HARD.

I feel like I used to be on top of so much of my life and the things around me.

Setting Up the Bathroom
My little Supervisor
(Setting up Cali’s bathroom at 34 weeks pregnant. Winnie was there for supervision and inspection purposes).

Then having a baby and adding her into the equation and having to then move into my mom’s a few months after she was born has really thrown me. To make it worse, because I’m currently staying with my mom, I don’t have my own “real space.” Although, I’m more than welcome here and our stuff is here, it’s not the same as being in my own home. One that is mine and I’m responsible for.

One point of contention between my mother and I is cleaning (and I’m sure a lot of people have the same struggle with their partner/family- I know I did when my boyfriend and I lived together). My mom and I are two completely different people. Different in taste, orderliness, cleanliness, and time management.

Note: some mother daughter struggles never change. They just evolve.

I hate messes. I like things to be picture perfect, if possible. I’m literally the type of person whom if a guest wanted to drop by unannounced, I wouldn’t have to do much scrambling…just clean myself up. I’m obsessive about a clean house.

Having Cali changed that. And now that she is mobile, it’s changed even more. There’s toys over the floor, things with baby drool on them (thanks teething and mouth exploration), fingerprints on glass, food all over her high chair, laundry not put away, and clothes thrown all over the floor. Where months ago this would’ve mentally killed me, now I see it as signs of a happy home. But by the end of the week, the place is completely a mess (and I can’t take complete messes).

(Hi super messy living room)!

I clearly can’t live my life like this. I’m mentally incapable of doing so. Small messes are fine. To me that equals an experience. Big messes? That equals an incoming apocalypse and that’s bad.

I used to have a super amazing cleaning schedule before having Cali. We’d pick up and clean a little bit each day, so by the time the weekend came, we’d only have some minor things to do and we could either relax or go out.

This was super helpful for me back in the day. But now since a majority of my cleaning is done between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, I needed to adapt my old practices. So I made a checklist:

I have things that I do daily and when I wake up Saturday morning, I go section by section. Then voila! Cali can start from scratch in her baby exploration practices (aka mess making)!

Feel free to use my schedules and adjust them to how you see fit. I’m all for helping another person help themselves.

By section: Cleaning-Area

By day: Cleaning-Daily

Happy cleaning!

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