Winner Winner, Turkey Dinner

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving?

 I bet most of you said turkey or pie. Me? Sweatpants 🙂

 Now that I’m an adult, my family has gotten out of the habit of having semi-formal thanksgivings and having people over or going elsewhere. However, I think in the future that will change. In fact, I know it will and I hope to be the cause of that change.

 I love my family and, for the most part, I enjoy spending quality time with them. In my biggest dreams, I want to own a house with a formal kitchen and have big family dinners for the holidays where my family and my Person’s family can all come together. Does that mean I have to cook? Yes. Kinda. On the bright side, I DON’T have to travel and Winnie gets to hang out with me and that’s really important to me as a mom and a pet parent.

I do know this Thanksgiving will be a little less casual than in year’s past. I mean, I already bought Cali THE CUTEST little overall dress to wear. All I have to think about what will she eat…hmmm…any ideas or advice?

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