When Laziness and Pet-Parenting Meet

I think the individual that has been the most affected by Cali coming into the world has been Winnie. She was so used to being my center of attention and after 4.5 years, her entire doggy life got spun out of whack by Hurricane Cali. I feel super bad thinking that my little puppy thinks that she’s not important to me anymore. Winnie used to have daily walks, weekend play days, weekly car rides…the works! Winnie WAS my baby. She got all my time, all my attention, and all my love.


I don’t want people to think that Winnie is now neglected. She’s not. She’s a well-cared for and well-loved dog. She has 3 water bowls and 2 snack bowls strategically placed around 1 modest apartment. She even sleeps with me at night. She’s fine. I just sometimes forget to spend my “extra time” with her.

What extra time you may be asking? None, I don’t have any. It doesn’t exist (or that’s how it feels). I wish I had more time on hands. I really do but it seems near impossible to try and find time to get anything done. I don’t even have time to take Winnie to the groomers. That was a task that I had to transfer over to my mom until Cali, Winnie and I moved in with her. I needed to start brainstorming ideas. What could I do to make my life easier and keep Winnie looking clean? Hmmm….

Hello Yelp search for mobile grooming! That’s where I found Maria at Park, Bark n’ Scrub. She’s amazing! Not only is she super easy to work with; Winnie always looks fabulous after finishing.


(The 1st, 3rd, and 4th pictures are before Winnie got groomed. She’s a little scruffy looking, I know. The 2nd, 5th, and 6th are after. Her coat is silky and she was trimmed so nicely. And she has a scarf!)

I know, I know. I’m taking my laziness to a whole new level but…mobile grooming is beyond convenient. Maria literally drives to my place, I walk downstairs, we chat, I hand Winnie over, and Maria and I chat again when walk downstairs again to pick Winnie up. There’s no getting Cali and Winnie ready, no mini meltdowns, no traffic, no random person grooming my dog, and not waiting hours for her to be finished.

Maria is super professional, super accommodating, and super personable. From the moment I had met her at our first appointment, I could tell that she loved what she did and would take super good care of Winnie (bonus: Winnie still seems relatively relaxed once I pick her up…which would never happen at PetSmart or Petco). She’s also a mother of three and upon learning that I just brought a little being into the would has been so funny and helpful in sharing stories, advice, and a real interest in Cali. It’s great!

If anyone is in the DMV metro area, I highly recommend her business…with or without a child or busy schedule. You’ll appreciate her timeliness, her personality, and the way your dog looks. If you’re not in the DMV, I definitely think if you’re having a hard time managing your schedule or making sure your pet is just as well-maintained as your child; head to Yelp and type in ‘mobile grooming’…you won’t regret it (if you find the right one that is)!

Now, if I could just get to PetSmart in time to get Winnie’s flea and tick medicine…sigh.





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