Resolutions and Road Maps

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!

I am SO EXCITED for a new year! I don’t know what it was about 2017 but it did not go the way I wanted and, for the most part, it was truly a bummer. I would say the main and only highlight of the past year was Cali. Becoming a mother was the biggest blessing that I could ask for and everyday when I look at her I’m reminded that I am truly blessed.

As 2017 was coming to a close and 2018 was approaching, I did what a-many of people do…think about what I did (and didn’t) accomplish in the past year and what I could accomplish and improve in the upcoming one.

That’s all fine and dandy but I needed to start thinking about the bigger picture. Resolutions are nice but how could I use the thought of a resolution and turn it into more? As I was thinking that, I went a little crazy and started making a little life map. I have a lot I want and need to accomplish, mainly in the next 5 years.


When making my list, I had to think: What is important to me? Who is important to me? How can I improve my life? How can improve my daughter’s life? What areas do I need to focus on? That lead to the following categories:

  • Finance
  • Cali
  • Health & Wellness
  • Winnie
  • Career/Professional
  • Education and Personal Growth

(I’m clearly one of those people who needs to organize their thoughts.)

I want to do things that are going to improve the value of my and my daughter’s lives. All those things can’t be completed within a year…I’m not sure if it’s possible. But I AM starting everything this year. Example: I’m 99% sure I can’t pay off my car this year but I can institute a plan that allows me to pay it off way before it’s loan date. That to me is a success.

Now this is all big picture stuff. I know, I know. It’s how my brain works. Often times, I ask it to slow down…which is actually one of my “real resolutions” for the year. If you’re not all big picture and just want to start small, I recommend just making a general list. These are the things (aside from my “map”) that I would like to be more conscientious off this year:

  • Start the day with a stretch.
    • I’m not old by any means but I know I can take better care of myself. A little stretch in the morning (or evening) will do wonders for my body, my mind, and my health.
  • Eat one green thing at every meal…or maybe just lunch. Okay, probably just dinner.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Pick a mantra.
    • Mine is: Breathe more. Think more. Listen more. Be more.
  • Get organized.
    • Organize your desk, your room, your home, your bills, your music…organize EVERYTHING!
  • Be more polite.
    • I’ve found that when I’m stressed or overly anxious, I get a little mean and a lot snippy. Overall, that’s not nice and being mindful and polite in those situations could actually go a long way.
  • Love what I have.
    • It could be just me but I’m always thinking ahead: “When I get this, I can do that.” “When I buy this, I’ll be able to do that.” Simply said, this kind of thinking is TERRIBLE! Instead of thinking of the all the endless future possibilities and options, I need to sit back and chill. I need to be in the present. I need to be in the moment.
  • Let go of grudges.
    • This will be easier said than done. You can remove a toxic person from your life and you can remove yourself from a toxic situation but if you still hold on to all the feelings of anger and resentment, you’re not helping yourself move on to become a better, healthier person.

Every year is a chance to grow and be a better person than the year before. I always think about how can I be a better person than I was yesterday or at this time last year. That’s a lot to think about but it is possible. You just have to want to make it possible.

Have a happy and healthy new year and may it be the start to a happy and healthy life!


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