My Top Picks: Newborn

I think I’m at the point in my child’s long life of 10-months to say that she is now longer a newborn. Heck! She’s no longer an infant at this point. My baby is a….toddler (insert sad face emoji here <——right here)!

It’s hard getting prepared for a baby, let alone your first baby, but here are a few things that turned out to be life-savers and that I highly recommend.

  1. Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

This thing was an ABSOLUTE LIFESAVER! That is not an exaggeration. Cali had really bad reflux when she was born. Super bad. And it took me a couple of weeks to figure it out and point it out to her pediatrician. It also took us a couple of weeks before we took this thing out of the box, put it together, throw a nightshirt over it, and have Cali sleep for about 3 hours without someone holding her, soothing her, or comfort nursing her. That 3 hours was a HUGE improvement. After we got her reflux under control, Cali would literally just lay in here, sleep and mind her life. It was great! If this isn’t on your registry (it wasn’t on mine), I HIGHLY recommend that you add it. To the kind person who bought it for me because it was your own personal life saver: Thank you. You’re the real MVP.

Side note: Cali was able to sleep in hers until she figured out how to sit up and nearly tumble out of it (about 6 months). So you’ll be using it for quite a while.


2. Swaddles: Love to Dream and SwaddleMe

As previously mentioned, Cali suffered from GERD. This baby could not be comforted and, at first, we didn’t know why. Although I was home with her, when she was awake, I couldn’t hold her all day (much to her newborn dismay) and when she was asleep, I couldn’t risk her ‘startle reflex’ to keep waking her even more prematurely than her reflux did.

Enter the swaddle.

Cali originally started with the Love to Dream Stage One Swaddle. I had seen these at a registry event and had to have them. She had the original and the summer lite. She eventually transitioned to the Stage Two 50/50 very briefly when she outgrew her Stage One and was eventually able to sleep with both arms out but it took A LOT of work. Cali does not like change.

Cali’s dad preferred the SwaddleMe brand. She had the Original and, eventually, transitioned to the Love Sack. I will say that although the Original worked well for us (before baby girl became an escape artist and got her hands free), the Love Sack was a huge let down. We went with the recommended size and it just swallowed her whole.

Side Note: I clearly think Cali did best with her Love to Dream Swaddles. They were the ones that we used most often and the ones that followed her to daycare so she could nap in peace. They were an instant calming force and there were even days when she was just incredibly irritable, that she would be placed in one of these and zen would overcome her.



3. Boppy

I’m sure all moms or soon-to-be moms have heard of Boppy. If not, they are an amazing, wonderful company that makes the most amazing, comfortable support items for baby…and mommy (more on mommy later). Cali loved her little Newborn Lounger since it allowed her to be propped up and apart of any ‘action’ that was going on around her… like her dad playing video games. Even until recently, her Boppy nursing pillow was a major help. We used it for nursing, tummy time, sitting up, and to assist her during bottle feedings. I think if/when I get pregnant and have another one, I’ll be adding more of their products to my baby list.



4. Wubbanub

Last but certainly not least…the Wubbanub. I get teased about Cali’s wubbies, as I like to call them, ALL THE TIME! By her teachers, her dad, my co-workers…I can’t catch a break! I don’t care though. Why? Because they are a LIFESAVER!

Lord have mercy on me if I’m lying but I know I’m not. Her dad let her lose one in Target one day and we had to buy a new one on the spot because we left a backup at home. (Mind you, we found the original but she had already seen the replacement and we “had” to get it. I’m growing a collection, don’t judge).

Cali got her first taste of Wubbanub love at about 5 weeks because I was too scared that she might have nipple confusion since we were still nursing. However, when my oldest friend came to visit she popped it straight into Cali’s mouth and a love match was made. 8 Wubbanubs (and counting) later and we haven’t looked back.



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