Our DockATot Experience

Yes, we bought into the craze that surrounds the DockATot.

After taking Cali out of her rocker, she needed a place to sleep and that place happened to be her crib. You would think that since she willingly slept in one at daycare, she would willingly sleep in her crib at home, right? Wrong.

When Cali eventually moved into her crib. It was hell. She would wake up the moment she was put down and if she did stay stay asleep it would only be for about 20 minutes. Eventually she ended up in bed with me because a) I didn’t want to fight her, b) I didn’t want to have her keep crying, and c) I wanted to get some sleep. However, I wasn’t getting any sleep. None. Zilch. Zero. It was horrible.

Something had to give. Insert Cali’s original travel lounge from Lulyboo. It worked instantly. She needed her crib to feel smaller. Eventually she started sleeping through the night.

And then… she outgrew it.

So, I ordered her DockATot right before Christmas as an early present to myself and to her. Since she was of age (and clearly a big girl), we went straight for the DockATot Grand.

It came ready-to-use straight out of the box and what a big box it was. I placed it in her crib and it was a perfect fit. The first night Cali slept in it, she slept straight through the night. Same with night two and three. After that, bedtime became a horrible experience again and the only way she would go to sleep was to lay in bed with either me or her dad.

Although she enjoys her dock, it’s been a rough few weeks. She’s only really slept in it during nap time and for a few hours at night before waking up, being put into bed to fall back asleep and then returned to her crib.

However, it looks like we are on the upswing again. Last night, Cali went all night in her DockATot and her crib. Thank you Jesus! So hopefully we have more nights like that in store.

Now before this seems like a negative on the dock, it isn’t. There are quite a few reasons Cali’s sleep may have been interrupted and it has nothing to do with her dock:

  1. Her dad started staying with us and he became responsible for putting her to bed,
  2. She started teething,
  3. It was just a new, unfamiliar thing in her familiar crib, and
  4. She hit a developmental milestone and that typically means sleep becomes interrupted anyway.

I actually really love her dock. It’s light, easy to transport, easy to clean, and makes me comfortable that she’s comfortable in it.

Do I recommended the DockATot? Yes! Would I buy another in the future? Yes! Am I gonna buy another cover for Cali’s? Yes! (I think it’s evident that I like DockATot).

If you’re interested in getting your own, visit them here and code http://dockatot.refr.cc/SJKZJQV to save!

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