My Planner Obsession

Ladies, I gone through my fair share of planners in my time on earth. I used the generic ones in high school and used Lilly Pulitzer planners in my college days and shortly afterwards. I loved my Lilly but I needed and wanted something that suited my specific needs which was super hard to do…until now!

I am in love with the best planner ever and I literally mean EVER! Introducing ‘Plum Paper – The most customizable planner that you’ve ever had the opportunity to fall in love with. When I say customizable, I really do mean it.

front of planner

These planners come in three different sizes. This year I chose the largest, which is 8.5×11” and last year I had the 7×9”. Why the change? I needed more room to write … especially since I changed my layout.

What?! You can customize your layout too?! Heck yeah!

planner layoutYou can choose from vertical layouts, horizontal layouts, monthly layouts, teacher layouts, student layouts and grid layouts. There are various options within those categories. Last year I had horizontal- two sided days and this year I chose vertical – ME planner.

On top of that, I choose how I wanted each of my sections labeled. I have a ‘To Do’ and ‘Notes’ section and labeled 5/7 of my rows – ‘Home,’ ‘Family,’ Finances,’ ‘Body,’ and ‘Other.’planner customization

You can choose between a colorful and neutral interior, dispersed page add-ons and section add-ons, how you want your cover to look and you can start in any month in the year! Don’t forget to add accessories, dashboards and stickers. I mean, look at my Plum Paper spread!





(Shown: 8.5×11’ Decorative, reminder II, budget and fitness stickers and seasonal sticker book)

plum paper stickers


Psst! This isn’t even all of my planner sticker arsenal.

added sections

(More customization details: 12-month planner, dispersed to-do list pages, budget planning, blog planning, fitness and notes pages).

Are you in love with this planner? Put your email below and I’ll send you a referral code that will save you 10% on your first purchase of $30 or more.

Show me your planners below! I want to see you how you customized them and see how many of you love Plum Paper!


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