My 2019 New Year Resolutions and How to Achieve Yours

Happy New Year and Hello 2019! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how quickly 2018 went by!

I blinked, it was March and I was celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday.

I fell asleep for 10 minutes and it was already the end of summer.

I just got off the couch from spacing out in front of the TV after eating Thanksgiving dinner and now I’m waking up in 2019! Like wtf? I guess that’s okay.

Now that it’s a new year, it’s time for some new year resolutions. Sound super cliché? I know it is and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If y’all are anything like me, you start the year off all gung-ho and ready to make the year, ‘The best year yet!’ and by the end of January or possibly February, you’ve fallen off the new year energy high. So this year, I’m taking a different approach – I’m going to think of some things to succeed at and actually accomplish them. How can I make this year different from years past?

When setting my resolutions, I did the following (you can do the same):

– Be specific. I didn’t just want to say that I wanted to lose weight or save money… I decided to quantify it.

– Take baby steps. Break that lofty goal into smaller milestones. I want my family to think I’m a world-renowned chef too; but first, I need to actually cook for them more often than not.

– Focus on one thing at a time. Yes, I (and you) can lose weight, start a business and be known as ‘super mom’ all at once but that would be super overwhelming. Wouldn’t it?

Instead, I’m focusing on eating healthy first and creating healthy habits and, hopefully, the weight will start falling off. That way when I start working on this blog, I won’t gain weight binging on take out because I’ve already mastered meal planning and I can give all the necessary attention I need to start something that doesn’t feel like work at all.

– Get some help. A) I let my friends and family know what I want to achieve this year. They can hold me accountable. B) If I feel like I need some help or support, ask. Trust me, reaching a goal is much easier if you have your own cheerleading squad.

– I’m going to go easy on myself and you should too! I’m swearing off sweets, cursing, and living at Target and there’s a chance I may cave.

Here’s how we’re going to handle: Bring Target back into our world. It’s a mutual relationship but Target needs to stop leading us down every aisle. Chip & Joanna’s stuff will eventually be on clearance and we can find those Bliss products on Cartwheel. Then instead of freaking out over that piece of cake or getting more upset over that slip of tongue, let it go. It was one piece of cake in the span of clean eating for two weeks and one long string of curses when that person cut you off. It happens. We’re doing amazing at not letting it happen every day like we used to.

So with those things in mind, I present to you ‘My 2019 Resolutions’:

– Get down to my pre-pregnancy weight (number to be disclosed a later date… we aren’t in an established relationship yet, ladies. Hopefully soon though!)

  • Join WW/Track Calories
  • Participate in company’s healthy rewards program
  • Start working out 2x/week. Increase gradually
  • Take weekly walks in the park
  • Pack breakfast/lunch 3x/week. Increase gradually

– Pay off one student loan

– Put money in mine and Cali’s savings

  • Participate in a money-saving challenge

– Reduce expenses/Find savings/Improve Credit Score

  • Switch car insurance
  • Refinance car loan
  • Get a joint phone plan
  • Switch to a different daycare
  • Request credit report
  • Dispute discrepancies

– Work on relationships

  • Do one activity/thing a month to invest in myself
  • Do one activity/thing a month to invest in my relationship
  • Do two activities/things this year to invest in my sister
  • Do three activities/things this year to invest in my parents
  • Do four activities/things this year to invest in Winnie
  • Do six activities/things this year to invest in our family

– Leave 2019 with a sense of accomplish and purpose

  • Meet and, maybe, surpass my 2019 goals
  • Find a passion to work on or a challenge to accept for 2020

And there you have it! My list isn’t grand or something unachievable. It’s something that I’m confident that I am able to do.

Did anyone else make any New Year Resolutions? I’d love to hear them and see how your progress is going. Also, follow me on instagram @confidently.confused to see how my resolution are holding up and to help keep me accountable. Until next time!

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