Baby Bath Time Necessities

Ah, bath time. It was the thing that gave me many heart palpitations after bringing Cali home from the hospital. I was so scared to put her in water that her very first bath at home, my mom gave it to her while I stood to the side with my hands shaking like a nervous wreck.

img_0121What if the water was too hot? Too cold? What if there was too much water in the tub?Why was she so calm with my mom? Would she be that calm with me?

When I say I had questions going through my mind…I really had tons of them.

As days turned into weeks, I was able to start feeling confident enough to do it myself (and by that, I mean her dad and grandma weren’t around for “emotional support” or “just in case something happens”). Her little wash-ups become one of our few relaxing times together early on. And now? I’ve stopped saying “Okay, enough pouring water out of the tub” and have slowly resigned to just laying a towel outside of the tub so it soaks up more than the bath mats do.  

Getting ready for bath time might seem intuitive but it took me quite a bit of time to figure out the items we loved, the items we didn’t need, and the things that we could save until ‘toddler time.’

As long as you have the basics, you’re fine. Early on you’ll need:

  • Washcloths
  • Towels
  • Infant Tub
  • Thermometer
  • Rinser
  • Toiletries

I recommend going to Home Goods or TJ Maxx and finding some cute little sets in the baby/children’s section there. They don’t need to be anything extravagant because sometimes poop and baby vomit don’t come out quite as easily as you’d expect. My only recommendation would be to ensure that they are 100 % cotton so they feel nice against baby’s soft and delicate skin.

If you have a theme, which I’m sure most/all of you do, go to Target (or Amazon)!

We loved our fox and desert inspired washcloths and towels

img_2025We started off with this tub from Fisher Price and it was great. However, my dad bought this Skip Hop tub for Cali to keep at his house for visits and we ended up trading because I liked the angle and the durability of the sling better. It was also roomier which proved helpful since Cali was long in length. I have become a strong advocate of ALWAYS recommending this tub to anyone who ask me. 

We bought the Munchkin Rubber Ducky bath thermometer and still have it. My personal preference was to have something that floated vice having a drain or faucet cover. Sometimes the bath tubs cover the drain so that doesn’t help or it’s hard to maneuver under the faucet. However, try this floating thermometer or this drain cover but have one so baby doesn’t get water that’s too hot for them.  

A rinser basically speaks for itself. Cali enjoyed feeling water flow over her and it was easy to fill while draining her tub so we could use fresh water instead of sudsy, “dirty” water. It was also helpful to have when it came time to rinse the suds out of her curly hair and since she was already reclining there was no chance of getting water or shampoo in her eyes. 

Lastly, toiletries. We were gifted with sets from Aveeno and Johnson’s. So many, in fact, that I ended up exchanging some of them. When doing that I come across (at the time) Dove’s new baby brand. I prefer Dove. Again, choose what you like. Just ensure that you have lotion, body wash and even shampoo.

Here are some great starter sets: 

As Cali grew, things were added to accommodate making bath time safer and more fun but I’ll touch on that later.

Are there any products that you found that you absolutely needed or originally had that proved super useful right away? Which products/brands did you love or would recommend? Let me know I’d love to hear!

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