About Me

Hi! I’m Nicki and Welcome to ‘Confidently Confused!’

Here you’ll find the support you need to make it through your everyday life and find ways to find the most joy and value out of your it. Nowadays it seems like we’re bombarded with images and stories of people living uncomplicated, super extraordinary lives. Congratulations to them but most of us are just living our day-to-day lives trying to figure things, get by and then get above it all.

This blog is intended for women who are, simply put: trying to live their best lives! Whether your single, married, dating, a mom or not…you’re the ladies who struggle, smile, learn, appreciate and acknowledge the things that go on around them.

So you’re still here and still reading? Awesome! Hopefully it’s because you’re finding me super relatable and can see that I’m just like you. You’ll quickly find that I’m going to talk about…EVERYTHING! Being a mom is a HUGE part of my life (of course) but so is navigating through said life. You’ll find sparks of creativity mixed in with chunks of random knowledge, tips and tricks on crafting, cooking, work/career, finances and everything else that needs to be “figured out” in life and can be enjoyed in it. Hopefully you’ll walk away saying, “Hmmm…that’s worked for her, maybe it can work for me too.” Which is a great feeling btw.

So who am I?

I’m a mom, a pet parent and a #Millennial <– see what I did there? I have a beautiful toddler (Cali) whom my whole world revolves around, a spunky dog (Winnie), and a goldfish (name TBD. It depends on if Cali says Goldie or Fishy first tbh). Oh, I also have a boyfriend (Cali’s dad). Also, it seems that I like collecting things to take care of outside of myself (see child, pets, and significant other).

My current struggles include: adulting, figuring out my finances, and working on everything that is me. Current successes include: motherhood, living and learning. Lastly, current aspirations are: be independent, be my own personal success story and relax.

See! I’m just like you!

I’m a regular person, living a regular life and doing regular life things…all I want is to live my best life. If I can help someone live their best life and learn through my own trials, errors and successes then that’s amazing.  What you’ll quickly realize is that most of the time I have NO IDEA what I’m doing but I’m definitely doing it.

Want to go through and figure out life together? Me too! Join me and follow along…you’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to…

Confidently Confused

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