When Laziness and Pet-Parenting Meet

I think the individual that has been the most affected by Cali coming into the world has been Winnie. She was so used to being my center of attention and after 4.5 years, her entire doggy life got spun out of whack by Hurricane Cali.

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So Many Chores, So Little Time

I feel like I should be ashamed to admit this but we’re all human, so I’m not. Not even a teensy bit ashamed. Being a parent is hard but being a mom is REALLY HARD.

I feel like I used to be on top of so much of my life and the things around me.

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Trick or Treat

A few weeks ago, Cali’s daycare sent out a notification telling all parents that the center would be having a harvest festival. I’m like what’s a harvest festival? Is she gonna grow a pumpkin or some corn and bring it home? I really had no idea. I had never heard of one before.

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Weekend Rewind: Halloween 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I can honestly say that we had an AMAZING one!

First of all, Cali’s Dad came to visit:

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Happy Birthday Winnie

How is it that in one weekend I get to celebrate BOTH my babies?!

On Saturday, Cali turned seven months (time is flying) and on Sunday, little Miss Winnie turned 5 years old!

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